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About Termites and Removal Strategies

Facts About Termites

Termites are wood-destroying insects that live by forming a colony. They’re regarded as pests in society, although these animals play a part in ecology. It is estimated that these termites ruin almost $5 billion worth of property each year.

The members in the colony could work in their own coordinated system utilize and to find cellulose food sources to be provided to the colony.

This system is called swarm intelligence. This is, in fact, the reason why termites are successful. They have their own system and their job is performed by every member of the colony accordingly. Ordinarily, a colony of termites has soldiers, distinct members, the employees, reproductive female, and male termites, as well as the queen termite.

Termite Colony: Job Distribution

Employees and Soldiers

The employees are thought of as the lowest type of termites in the colony. These employees are described to possess light and soft bodies that are 10 mm such as the grains of rice. The employees work 24 hours a day since they’re responsible for tons of things like keeping up the nest buying food and tending to the requirements of the queen. Unlike employees, soldiers are described as having heads. Because they have the responsibility of shielding the colony from their enemies.


As for the reproductive male and female termites, their main task is simply to reproduce more eggs so as to increase the number of termites in the colony. Nevertheless, they also develop wings and will leave the main colony so as to form new colonies. The highest form from the colony of termites will be the queen termite.

The Queen

The queen is described to be the largest in the colony. The body of the queen measures up to ten centimeters long. The queen is so large that she requires worker ants to be capable to move about.

Termites vs Ants and body partsThe queen lays eggs every fifteen seconds. In case the queen dies, another termite from the reproductive class could replace the queen. I

n general, termites can be determined during their reproductive swarms, however, it’s quite difficult to determine every termite swarm from ant swarms because they typically have the same appearance if you’ll not look closely.

It’s important to distinguish a termite from an ant, as you’ll be capable to prevent these termites from destroying your home.

Top 3 Termite Removal Strategies

Method #1 – pretreating soil and/or wood during the building of your house with different types of pesticides. This is generally affordable and could ease the worries of infestation issues. Usually, the wood or soil is soaked in a bath of borate. Learn about the pretreatment requirement here.

Method #2 – Chemical Barrier. Most extermination businesses provide lots of compound barrier protection programs. Basically a given area is surrounded by them with a set of compounds that works. The idea is that termites will be deterred by these substances from getting near your house and creating pathways.

There’s also an option that allows the use of chemicals that are ingested by the termites. They generally return the substance back to their nesting location.

Method #3 – Tenting. This procedure works on the fact that termites may only survive inside a small window of temperatures. The technique used here increases the heat in which the termites can’t exist inside the tent. This usually only takes about half an hour to be effective.

This article has discussed what we think are the 3 ways of eliminating termites. These methods included using borate treated wood, creating a compound barrier, and tenting your house.

Every one of those has their very own associated benefits and disadvantages and you should discuss those options with a termite exterminator professional. But now you might have a termite removal conversation with knowledge on your side.

As a homeowner who prevents termites from becoming an issue in the first place just makes sense right? Click here for more Termite Removal in York, PA info in order to start protecting your house and family now.